Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Playing SWN

I am currently playing in a Stars Without Numbers campaign and have been since May. My character is a 5th level psychic majoring in precognition, minoring in biopsionics, telepathy and Photokinesis, he is a lesser prince in a matriarchal space faring vagabond clan (a dubious rank even within his clan) Still you can't be an interstellar vagabond without resources. This has led (after a series of successful adventures) to the shared party ownership of a custom Free Trader its around 1500m cubed and it looks like a bird it's called the Albatross.
He shares the ship with the expert technician who approached his clan for aid on a previous adventure he is a Quatah an avian race with bright plumage, named Vrinn, a member of Everin's clans elite guard, a woman called Dane Kestra, and a rescued warrior from a previous adventure known as Gustav, there is a female pilot, Sophia, and a ship technician Adler, who were also rescued from before.
Vrinn is played by another person the rest are henchpersons and hirelings. Having so many crew rescued makes for a really loyal crew, and we can't seem to stop rescuing people. That may be because Everin is a healer and a medtech and fights death and the Quotah have a racial vow not to attack humans first, our gm continues to invent ways for us to express these traits.
On one mission We revived a group of Hochogs (bore like warrior race) who we had just beaten in a fight and returned them to their captain thereby earning their respect and friendship.
This time it was a personnel extraction that ended up not only being the scientist but his daughter and a man that was being tested for "pain tolerance". We seem to have gained a reputation for being operatives with a heart.
We are still making money, and levels, as long as having a heart doesn't bankrupt us we can keep doing it.


  1. Haiku for Dane Kestra

    Wades through enemies
    Like a reaper in the wheat
    Swinging her sharp scythe

    Haiku for Vrinn Hollow

    Vrinn Hollow bird man
    Hacking computers with skill
    as ax cutting wood

    Haiku for Gustav

    Veteran hard knocks degree
    bloody cap and gown

  2. Haiku for Sophia

    Winged Valkyrie
    waits on the fringe of battle
    retrieves warriors

    Haiku for Adler

    He's Dyonisis
    Reborn for merrymaking